You can Make a Website - Exercises 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
- Using Tables to Design a Page Layout
Dreamweaver Tutorials continued:
W3C Accessibility Standards

Do the online tutorial at: PageTutor. Note: I've downloaded the tutorial as a zipped package and placed it in the subject folder.
Some Quizzes you might like to try.
Another Javascript resource - start your reading from Section 8 onwards.
Assignment issued - brainstorming ideas are here.

Work on assignment
W3C HTML File Validator
Test - Monday 15th Nov.
Assignment due Thursday 18th Nov.

Unit Content
ITM: Advanced Website Design
Using web authoring software to create a website that uses
o Image maps
o Email forms
o Layers in page layout
o Image splicing
Design and construct a website that applies W3C accessibility standards
Use a graphics authoring package to create images for websites
o Banners
o Navigation elements
o Icon and logos
o Images for image maps
Design and construct a website in a team that meets given criteria
o Target audience
o Function and purpose
o Content
o Download capabilities
Function and purpose of File Transfer Protocols
Upload a website to an external server using a File Transfer Protocol
Dreamweaver CS4 Image maps

The w3schools tutorials have a useful section on forms, for example:
type and submit

Here's a simple HTML Template: HTML Template.htm You may find it useful, instead of coding new pages from scratch - just comment out or delete what you don't need.

Perk up projects - a useful resource for creating a range of dynamic website content and decoration.